Tom Head

Born in Germany, Tom came to America at the age of five. He always had an interest in art, but never received any formal training. More than thirty years ago he taught himself to carve while living in the hill country of Kentucky.

His carvings exude a vitality and freshness that command the viewers attention. Tom’s work is constantly evolving as he takes inspiration from the private worlds he creates for himself – first in the hills of Kentucky, then in the hills of Central Pennsylvania, and now in the Mule Mountains of southern Arizona.

His creations have drawn a strong group of patrons among regional collectors, as well as famous and well known persons throughout the United States who have Head’s work in their collections.

Tom’s carvings have been exhibited in one-man shows at the Cumberland County Historical Society and the Landis Valley Museum in PA. They have also been displayed at the Hershey Museum of American Life, in Hershey, PA, and the Washington County Museum in Hagerstown, MD.


Lisa Head

Lisa was introduced to basketry in the early 1970’s while searching for an alternative lifestyle in the foothills of Estill County Kentucky. She began working with willow bark while clearing land along the Kentucky River. The black willow tree destined for the burn pile was given new life by pealing the bark from the tree and using the inner bark as spokes and weavers. A self-taught weaver, she continues to explore this Appalachian style of basketry today.

But she has always enjoyed utilizing the natural materials around her. So, when the family moved to central Pennsylvania in the early 80s, Lisa again became curious about the local crafts. While still honing her skills with willow bark, Lisa extended her art to include the rye straw coiling technique of the Pennsylvania Dutch. Then in 1996, Lisa received a grant to work with a master weaver of the O’odham indian tribe in Sells, Arizona. It was during this time that she discovered the beauty and draw of Arizona.

Lisa’s work has been featured in a number of magazines, including Country Home and Pennsylvania Magazine. In addition, one of her pieces will be on exhibit as part of an American Baskets Collection at the Smithsonian Museum beginning in October of 2013.

Tom and Lisa have turned their winter studio into a full-time residency in the old copper mining town of Bisbee, Arizona. They still love their home in Perry County, Pennsylvania but find the west inspiring.